Chantilly Cat Crystal – Realistic Soft Plush Toy

Chantilly Cat Crystal - Realistic Soft Plush Toy

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Crystal is a sitting Chantilly cat in a solid black colour and is a realistic soft plush toy.
Chantilly cats are also known as Tiffany cat or Chantilly-tiffany cat.
This cat was thought to be extinct as late as the 1960s and are still considered one of the rarest breeds in existence.
They have some of the softest hair you’ll ever encounter and when they’re in the mood it’s fun to cuddle , but you wont have a problem with cuddling with 27 Crystal – cuddle him all day.
Crystal is a premium quality handmade soft long-haired yellow eyed cat


Length – 22 cm
Height  -27 cm
Width-   16 cm
Weight-P&H-400 gm


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